It isn’t WHAT you eat, it’s what you FEEL when you eat it. It isn’t WHAT you say, it’s how you FEEL when you say it.It isn’t WHAT you do, it’s how you FEEL when you do it.–Abraham Hicks

In my recent experience I find this true. I guess it always has been but I am just now grasping all of the concepts in these teachings. 

And I am wanting to introduce more people to Abraham and how this works and all that. One person in particular always seems down and I’m not sure she’s ready for the message. When the time feels right and action feels like the next step then I will proceed. 

I want to set some intentions for my day tomorrow. It is my intention to love everyone and everything unconditionally. I will be joyous in the knowing that all is well, and I can have everything I want. I will relax into allowing the simplest of things and even the things that once seemed impossible. Because I can have anything.


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