Getting through!

 The time of year where things got crazy is coming up soon. That day was supposed to be special. The day we met. The day I knew I loved him. That exact day still lives in my mind yet for a very different reason. How is it that a day of love and bliss can turn into horror 9 years later? And now we approach 11 since that sweet day and 2 since it turned into a nightmare. But my hope is that one day it may be a peaceful day again a day I can say is just another day. My life is so different now. What else is there to say?  I don’t want 2 years to turn into 5 then to 7… how can we still be living in this endless dream? Well nightmare really… how do you get by knowing tomorrow will probably be the same as today and it turns into that mundane life all over again? I have resources, power, and support, yet nothing changes. Still apart, still missing him, trying to get through the days. 


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