Random, yet calm

So for some god forsaken reason I have been awake since 3am! It’s a little after 6 now! 

On my phone, eating Chinese food, paying bills… yea I am pretty productive apparently. 

I’m fighting with whether I should get up and start my day or just try to sleep at least a little. 

Thinking, no, I know I am going to apply for a job on Sunday. A job in NJ. I’m nervous because I was kinda going to wait til summer to move but this is an awesome opportunity. I am not sure if the pay rate but I imagine by the job description and the employer it’s well above what I currently earn. 

It would put me in a position to purchase a house within a year. Debt is a bit of an issue right now, but I am confident that will change with the new job. It’s bitter seeet and I may cry when I leave here but in the long run it’s better for my family. So many “loose ends” I’d have to tie up as well… 

man I’m getting stressed thinking about it. So I guess it’s time for sleep to reset my positive thinking 🙂 


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