Unconditional love 

I just read this quote… 

Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.

I do believe I live my life this way. 🙂

I originally started writing this post back in August of 2016!! I believe I was thinking back to everything that has manifested into my experience… 

almost 2 years ago some stuff happened and that day I almost couldn’t believe it. I would wake up everyday for more than a month thinking today is the day someone is gonna say your just being punk’d. Those first 6-9 months were tough, and probably the worst moments of my life. 

I think back now to how that came into my experience… I do have to say be careful what you wish for! I had a lot going on and wanted more time with my daughter, and there were thoughts in my mind about (fear) losing someone I loved.  Let’s just say both those things manifested! 

People have done things to me, to themselves, to other people, animals, society etc. But I believe character is deeper. And if the world was numb to the terrible stuff (if everyone had a high vibration) 2 things would happen: 

1. We would all be happy little creatures 

2. There would be little to no bad things happening because every one would be happy! 

So mind your thoughts, thoughts matter just as much or more than your actions. Love yourself, and everyone else! Unconditionally!


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