Better For It

So there are things happening, good, bad and ugly…(kinda).

There are a few things I am convinced of. And then there are some reasons that make me really care less about this. I have been getting pretty good news lately pertaining to my family dynamic. So that is promising. 

I started this post around 9:30pm and now it’s the next morning… 

Kind of want to go in a different direction- I like to think of myself as a person that accepts people. A person who gives away unconditional love and loves every minute of it. 

My job can be challenging at times but I still embrace the love and kindness that comes around. 

In my personal life I KNOW I give love and kindness to every person everyday! But recently I have felt that I am maybe not doing enough… or maybe too much? 

Maybe there is only so much love and kindness 1 person can take. I also feel that I should be able to feel the love I send out. 😦 

Most of the time that is the case, but when I am not feeling it, it gets me. Like they don’t care, are they capable of love? If someone is able to love you then your vibrations match, you are capable of loving them back. If you are in a bad place in your mind, the people that are also in your experience are probabaly there too.

Earlier this week I had a person someone I care for deeply leave my experience. I am sad because I miss talking but I guess we are at different places. I’d like to think she’s well… 

Then  there was a visit to someone who’s not always in my experience lately. I went with intentions of having to explain some stuff, but left with a new perspective on myself. There are still people in this world that love me and want me in their lives. (It’s been a rough week in that realm) 

I don’t like that there are people missing from my life that I love and care about but maybe the universe knows something I don’t and we are all better for it! 


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