So back in September I talked about the leadership training I was about to begin at my job. Well, today I had to withdraw from that class. In a half an hour my peers will learn the news and everyone will be on their way. I was barely part of the group due to always having to leave at lunch or just not making it to class anyway. I knew this decision was a long time coming for me. I do not have the supports I need here where I live. The only Thing that keeps me here is my job. I have a job here but not where I’d rather be. Trust me, I am working on that. I have a friend looking for information for me. I have some places to call. I want to feel secure about going there. I want to know it’s not a mistake. Sometimes I am like screw it I’ll figure it out later. But I know it’s not logical and I step back… y am I not the person to take risks.? I wish I had it in me to talk to new people, take a few more risks, network etc. idk I guess i will just figure out where to go next. 


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