I am not a person who uses the word hate! I was thinking out loud just now and the words… “I hate you” came out of my mouth. Then I was like do I really hate them..? In that moment, yes! But they are probably a good person, cares for someone, would be missed… but I wish they were not in my experience! 

I have about 4-5 people I feel this way about. So right now, I will just let it out. 


It would be nice if the thoughts in my head would just die! People need people. I originally layed down to nap, because I am having intrusive thoughts, but the thoughts remain. Stomach sinking, why do I have the experiences that I have..? 

I am trying to refocus on my positivity so, here it goes. 

It would be really nice if these people I strongly dislike would not be in my experience any longer. I only wish for the people that care about me, and trust me, and have positive feelings towards me to remain. 




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