“Missing” someone

So A friend mentioned something the other day that made me think about what it takes to miss someone.

What factors have to be present… an emotional connection in some form is a good start. 

Can you miss someone you dislike? Someone who hurt you? Do you have to really know the person? 

So it got me thinking about people I have lost. Most of my family is gone, I don’t mean distant, I mean outright croaked. No longer have a physical body. The first time I experienced this type of loss I was 11, my mother had died. 20 years ago. I asked myself today, do I miss her? I’m not sure, I guess sometimes, when I’m looking for unconditional motherly advice I “miss her” But my mother had been sick and so I never build much a relationship with her so it saddens me to say that I don’t really miss her. She loved me I know that but without building a relationship how can you miss someone. You can’t miss something that wasn’t there??? Can you? I guess you can miss out on it and wish things had been different. 


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