I had a realization this week that I may infact have an eating disorder. :/ it may just be a symptom of my other issues, but several people told me recently that I look like I lost weight. 

Like more than I did before. Between March 2015-16 I lost 80lbs. And as of Sept. 2016 I was still hovering there. It’s now the end of December and I haven’t weighed myself in months. I will have to do it sometime soon.

My glasses are now falling off my face. No reason they should be loose, they are just falling off! 

Eating is a task these days, I never feel like prepping or cooking, I’m lucky when I can make sandwiches. I usually do 1-2 meals a week and we eat them all week with easy ready made stuff thrown in. Breakfasts have been non existent for me. I stopped drinking coffee 4 days ago now and I had a soda yesterday and tea today… but no coffee! It’s killing me! I have eaten 1 meal each day the past 3 days with a small snack or 2 thrown in. I just feel like there’s no time, I have more important things to do than eat. People at work bring me food because they just know I probably didn’t eat. 

Don’t really know what to do about it other than to try to bring easy foods with me… I also should weigh myself sometime since it’s been a while. 


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