Even though it’s only been 3 days since I posted last, it feels like forever. Maybe because now that I have pulled myself out of the depths I almost forget what I felt like a few days ago. And unfortunately I won’t remember the contentment or even excitement my life can have when I reach that low again. 

I guess it’s not a bad thing to not remember the lows. But it makes it harder to remember the good stuff when you’re practically drowning. I feel as though I am getting too old to maintain the same lifestyle I did. Not that I partied or anything but I could sure binge watch almost an entire season of a show in one night, sleep a bit and still function perfectly fine the next day. That doesn’t seem like the case anymore.

I work, barely eat, go home, watch 1, MAYBE 2 episodes and it’s bedtime! I can barely find time for myself these days let alone fun/relaxing stuff! 

Sundays are filled with playing catch up. So even then I have no me time. Unless someone pulls me away from something else I never talk to people after I leave work. Maybe a text but, mostly just interacting with a 7 year old. 

So from 8:15am-2pm most days I speak with another person for about 20-45mins. while at work. Then I’m alone with my thoughts for another hour. I get interaction with a few parents and my daughter for 20mins before I am bombarded with socialization for 4 hours at work again. 

Now I am an introvert so this usually works for me…. but then the days I don’t have work I literally go days without interacting. So when I get bombarded with socializing it kills me inside. I am looking for the balance of having a few friendships that can help me interact more regularly. 

This has turned Into a very random post. My point is if I  an interact more regularly maybe I won’t fall so hard into the pits. And when I’m there maybe I will comeback quicker. 


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