I have posted on my blog before about gratefulness vs. appreciation (this is a similar post)Today is Thanksgiving. Last year on this day I think I stayed inside and wallowed in self-pity. There was a huge hit to my family just days before. Anyway, things in the family sector are basically the same. Yet this year I feel different. The past year I have grown to realize even with the “very bad situation” my family is in we are happy. 

Some people might be like, how, how after what has happened what is happening, how can you say you are “happy”? 
I am appreciative of the support I have and I feel peaceful. I still love my job, always have. My daughter is doing better in school than we had hoped for. I find myself smiling as I awake just because I am enjoying the journey… 
I say APPRECIATION rather than gratitude because being grateful implies I am also thinking about the “flip side” what it’s like to be without a job, a happy family etc… I am choosing to only keep positive things in my experience. 
People are coming and going in my life. The ones that are here right now, that I have connections with those are the ones that I want to stay. I KNOW that the past few days (maybe weeks) I have been in a good place MOST of the time. Which means the people here are also in good places. So if you are currently in my experience regularly you should feel good because good things are happening to all of us 🙂 


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