I continue in the journey to manifest all the things I am wanting! I search daily for the happiness that is within so I can see the happiness around me.  I have learned lately that my key to manifesting is unconditional love. I will keep reminding myself that that 1 piece is the most important. Whether it’s love for myself, someone else, a situation, whatever. I must just radiate love. UNCONDITIONALLY! 

My journey will include lists of positive aspects everyday, Lists and lists for people, places, situations and such. I am making a goal today to fill a notebook that I have already started. It’s only a quarter full but I will finish it by the end of the year. 

So far I have done a list for myself, or my job, or people close to me. Well I’m going gazelle on this now! I’m making a list for everything. Everyday I’m going to make a list for all the people I come in contact with and the different situations I find myself in. EVERYTHING! 

Once I complete the book I will start a combined gratitude/Positive aspects journal… I have both separate right now. I will do a list of appreciation and 2-3 positive aspects a each day.

I am ready to have all the things I desire and build new desires along the way! 



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