A longing!! 

Today I have made attempts at pushing that manifestation to come sooner than it will. I KNOW how to get it to show itself but the topic is so engrained in me that my allowing is taking longer than I wish and that’s slowing it down even more. I find myself constantly wondering and longing and noting that it’s not here yet! Therefore sending out the vibration that it’s not here, it’s not here!!! Trying distraction and just listening to some manifesting motivational speeches and such. As of now I am sitting, resting, and thinking way too much. I used to think I knew what it feels like to be in a state of allowing, now I’m not so sure… maybe because I’m not feeling that way right now, I know I need to relax into allowing and it should not be effort! Maybe sleep with reset my thoughts… 

I’m re-arranging to bring a new vibe to my space. To feel like I can maybe let go of my longing! To bring peace and comfort to my life.    I must say I am enjoying the process and that’s an important component. 


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