A whole bunch of stuff!! 

Mixed post- 

1. I am feeling some relief about the stressors I have had the last few days. Still have some things to work through but I have faith that it will be okay. 

2. It’s so late at night but I can’t sleep because I AM the one excited that my child goes back to school tomorrow! Woohoo! 

3. So as we approach Sept. I was thinking about what I was up too this time last year. Well I remembered that Sept 2015 was my FIRST conciously manifested month in the books! I am sure there’s a post about my success. Yay! So I had a few good months and got off track but practice makes progress. 

I am starting again from scratch. 1 month from now I will have manifested $2000.00 almost double of what I got last year! I will try to update every few days with where I’m at and the techniques I am using to get into the allowing state. Cuz it’s there I have it I just need to allow it. 

I do not count any regular income from my job. All other means of money count! Sometimes it’s not having to pay for something you would normally have too. Here is a breakdown of last years challenge. 

My Sept. 2015 money manifestation! 

9/3 unexpected check #1 $120

9/5 found money $7

9/11 unexpected check #2 $300

9/11 car repair $760 (it was paid for me)

9/13 sold random item $2

9/14 more sold items $25

9/14 scratch off winner $2

9/29 storage fee waived $60

9/29 unexpected check #3 $50

9/29 found money $3.75

9/29 more sold items $10

Total =$1339 


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