Week, weekend, weakness! 

So last week was a big whirl of I can’t even remember! My child goes back to school next week, not a soon enough. Over the weekend I spilled an entire 16oz coffee into a bin full of papers, books, and other things. Work– well work is in a category of its own! Still short staffed. Still have lots to do. 

Last week I was offered a second interview for a second job prospect… On Monday I was supposed to go, this job would be awesome.. Working for a hospital in a clinic! Running groups, working with Dr.’s and nurses! My dream! However it was PT and I would still want to stay where I am too. I was hopeful that I could do both! Well Monday there was a crisis at my FT job and it occurred to me I could not at this time with the supports available to me take on a second job. So I cancelled the interview and expressed my appreciation that I was even in the running for a second interview! 

So onto weakness, the past 2 weeks have showed me so much contrast that I am now conciously aware of my weaknesses. No one ever likes to admit they have weaknesses but they exist. There is always something that can use improvement. ALWAYS! Sometimes my weakness drags other people into my spin… I’m working on it. Today I will focus on me and all the things that make me feel good! 


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