Save your drama for the llama…

So there’s a song playing in my head right now. I have been awake for 2 hours and kinda stuck in 1 subject. I wonder if people from my past ever think of me…. What triggers the thought? A song? A smell? A word? A memory? How often do they think of me? Are they wondering the same things I am? 

I wonder this because I have always been told I have an incredible memory so just because I remember and wonder doesn’t mean anyone else does… 

This is a blessing and a curse. I am just now learning to not focus on the negative. I used to think it’s there it’s a fact (good or bad) and I put it in my head. Now that is no longer the case. I can separate the things that feel good to remember and I just stay away from negative however possible! I haven’t had cable in a year and just recently got rid of my TV all together. That has greatly reduced the amount of negativity I am exposed to! If someone wants to talk about news, or “drama” I pass… 

None of that for me! I am much happier for it 🙂 

I have so much in my head, and my heart. I am learning and growing everyday. 


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