Positive life, it continues! 

As of this moment I have heavy stress and am thinking of adding more, am I crazy!? 


But most of this is temporary and the thoughts behind why I have it is great and exciting so it’s good. Today I have had some thoughts and feelings that are trying to creep in and make me feel negative. But none the less positivity wins! 

I have so many things happening. 

My best friend is getting married I have new opprutunity was at work, as well as an additional job opprutunity, and my marriage is good. 

I have many many things to be thankful for. I have been blessed with skills and abilities beyond what I have imagined. I have the passion for helping people and it shows. I have had some rough things in my life and someone looking in from the outside may say man she has it rough when they learn what has been going on in my life. 

I don’t see it like that. All of what has happened has been given to me as an opportunity to better myself and I don’t think i would be a CPRP, or buying a house. 

Things are good, and I wouldn’t change it at all! 🙂 I have the world in my hands right now! 


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