Learning from people and seeing how they react and respond is intriguing. I have learned of something that I kinda knew was coming. I wish there was more information offered. I wish I could ask, and actually get answers. But none the less I am seen as less then and am not worthy of the insight I seek. 

Truthfully, I don’t believe that! But I am worried about a personal learning experience. And worried I may be pulling myself too thin soon. I am worried that I have taken on too much and there is not enough time to get it done, rest actually enjoy and understand what I am learning/teaching and doing. I have envy of those that have that ability to be care free and get it all done. The ones that know what they want and how to get it and posses the skills to do it! 
I am working on getting to that point in my journey.

I take big strides then my thoughts step in and I end up crashing or making myself run in the other direction. I am goi g to make this promise here and now! I will not do any action when the feelings are negative!!! 


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