Dreams/real life?

So last night I had a dream and it made me realize something about my real life situations. So in my dream I got a phone call from someone who said a while back they wanted nothing to do with me and they blocked my number/emails, everything! But suddenly they needed something, I had what they needed so boom they call. In my dream I talked with them for a bit, then things they said made me angry and that was that…. Just now while doing dishes I came across a take out container that I brought lunch in a few times. I didn’t feel like washing it today… I saw it and said this has served its purpose and I put it in the trash. This person used to say “this no longer serves me” when something didn’t “agree” with them. Like jobs, people, housing…

So basically if it didnt serve them they didnt want it in their life. Well great I get it, but that doesn’t work for people. You can’t throw people away like they are trash! So yea, I’m annoyed today and yet thankful I had that dream and saw that food container. 


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