Stay Away

A picture I colored, it reminds me of what it’s like inside my head, chaos and beauty trying to be seen and heard. Unable to escape without doing damage and then falling down while trying to fix it. 

The last couple of weeks have presented me with a challenge. Well it’s been a challenge that has been lingering most of my adult life, but I am now wanting/learning to overcome and adjust. 


I know anxiety is a negative emotion. I find myself waking up to anxiety, I have certain thoughts that bring it about, even writing this is bringing it on. But now I am learning that I can change my thoughts. And I am learning that if I stay away from the anxiety I feel better. I can now identify where it comes from and I try to avoid even thinking about those things, and especially talking about it. I have been using coloring as a distraction. 

When I find myself feeling anxious I identify, then change the thought to a completely different subject. It’s difficult to change negative thoughts about a subject into positive about the same subject, but a positive about something different will start the momentum of more positive. 

So the biggest wellness tool I have right now is avoidance of the certain subjects. Yes it works, because if I keep talking about negative the law of attraction will bring more negative! 

Unfortunately it is a process, and I have slipped quite a few times. I have been trying to stay away from what my case worker is actually calling an addiction. (Maybe it is) the last 3 days have been successful! Progress…


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