The past few months have brought about a few ideas. First off I would like to announce that I did pass that test and am now a Certified Psych Rehab Practitioner! Yay! I heard a few weeks ago and was going to wait til I got my Cert in the mail to include a photo but since I’m talking about goals I thought it was appropriate! I have set a new goal to accomplish by this time next year. I will become an advance level WRAP facilitator! 

Yes that is my next goal! I want to not only continue the WRAP movement but encourage and train others to continue as well! I am excited about this new journey.   Next month I take my refresher course then I will be co-facilitating a Seninar 1 and that money will go towards my ALWF training. After that is complete I will then pay down my debt. This is the life I want, I want freedom, and purpose. I have so much knowledge and experience and motivation, I want to share it!  


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