Tough times in my mind…

So I wrote a poem yesterday… I was thinking of sharing but decided it was too personal. 

I have a lot of interesting thoughts lately. I want to ask people for advice, but I need a new fresh perspective. Someone who can give me honest feedback and hasn’t been involved in any of it up to this point. 

Being an introvert I have a small group of friends and then a few acquaintances. I just feel like I have exhausted all my go to people. 

Times like this I wish I still had my mother. I need that motherly advice. I want my feelings validated. I want hope and promise that my desires can and will and are manifesting. I need another to help me see it. Tomorrow may be a difficult day, when I don’t have work I tend to just get in my head and not in a good way. So I guess my goal for today is to feel as good as possible for as long as possible and prepare for tomorrow. 



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