Just sayin’

I have so much to say, words, and scenarios fill my head. I always thought I was a strong person, well I am, but I have come across people stronger than I am as well. 

People that even with a mental health diagnosis somehow get through the toughest times. 

What’s the secret, maybe it’s just a face..? Maybe there’s internal suffering. But being able to hide it and move along says so much too. 
I am unable to do that, maybe my personality, my diagnosis, lack of skills… I don’t know. But when shit happens, it happens and all other life for me stops until that one thing is back in line. I don’t do the face, holding back, all that stuff. I try, I really do, but there are times that I feel I need to just say it! The past 2 days things have been in my head, things I want to say. Things I am holding back. So there’s the strength…? But there’s strength in just sayin’ it too. Right….? 


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