Today is bringing feelings. Feelings of longing and desire. Questions arise in my mind. I want to change the way things are at present. Things that are not in my control. 
Meditation is helpful when I am on emotional overload, but I usually end up having a lazy day. Today I have responsibilities, I must show up and be there for others. 

In the end that usually turns out for the best, but the thought and anticipation gets to me initially. I want to dive in head first to my desires. But I hold some fear still. 

I read somewhere that the things you fear doing the most are the things you probably need to do the most. Fear is a feeling that I know, but it’s not one I handle well. I tend to either run away or ignore the “danger” and things happen. 

There have been times when things have worked out, but there’s just no way of knowing… I just wish I had answers.

I am an Empath and I can read people, I get the things that aren’t said. I get things people try to hide. I go through life on feelings. I know feelings it’s my thing. I run into people and situations that need logic… I am logical but my actions do not always prove that. Honestly I feel like logic gets in the way! Logical thinking puts up blocks in my head. It may seem childish or whatever, but I want to/do believe that I can create my reality by the power of the law of attraction. I must learn to let the fear go, if I don’t the fear will continue to cause my desires to not show up…

Okay so that kinda went in a completely different direction than expected. But I am feeling better about my desires and that they will come to be. I do wish I had more answers or that I had a different “power” in the process of creating my reality. 


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