Happiness is now! 

Lately my desires have changed and at first that scared me because it felt wrong, my mind preceived it as a betrayal of sorts I guess. Well now, the way I am choosing to live my life I am realizing that it is okay and normal to change my mind and I have given myself permission to do so. A few months ago I had confusion, guilt and so much unsureness in my head all I ever felt was fear. Today I say, nope I am happy. I am happy because I want to be. I am happy without conditions and I will continue to be happy because that is the only thing I have control over. I see something that makes me feel even happier and I say thank you, and the gratitude brings forth more joy, and more to be grateful for. And that is how I create my reality. Happiness brings more happiness and it’s not up to me to do the figuring out of who or how or what or when just knowing that if I am happy and things are unfolding those things, people, and events will continue to bring me happiness. 🙂 


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