The better feeling thought…

Having difficulties again. Expectation when fueled by intense emotion does not manifest results. I am in day 3 of a 30 day challenge to change my thinking.

Day 1- easy, felt good, calm.

Day 2- harder, struggled, I didn’t even do my evening “work”.

Day 3- I have read and I am trying oh so hard to meditate, relax, find the better feeling thought. 

My intentions for today are to get my thoughts under control. I need to do whatever I have to do to get there. I work a 10hr straight through shift today… I need quick calming ideas! Life has been passing me by, not in a bad way. Some nice new memories have been made and I am hoping to just keep that going and keep feeing good. I hope all of you can find that better feeling thought and keep your happiness coming! 


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