I have been really working on keeping a positive attitude and a high frequency in the universe. Today I was doing my budget and was frustrated when things did not pan out. I have had an extra expense lately… But, somehow the universe was there for me! And I found an “extra” $25 in my budget. 

I know that it was a manifestation. No matter how small, I am thankful. 
This week I will continue on this path and stay positive. Gratitude lists, positive affirmations, and just doing generally happy activities. I wasn’t always a radio listening to kinda person but lately everytime I get in the car the radio goes on and I sing and it puts me in a good mood. 

I started preparing this post a day ago and since then I have had a large financial windfall 🙂 

I am so thankful and I feel so appreciative of all the things I am receiving.  


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