Kids and resistance!

Today I was watching my daughter play as I was contemplating how I can conquer my fear, to let go of attachment. My manifesting has been so so lately and I am preparing to do something BIG! 

Anyway, I watched my daughter and listened to her pretending… And thought wow if I knew of the law of attraction when I was younger this would have been easier… She has not a worry in the world and can literally manifest anything she wants because she has no resistance. So now I am thinking how I can join forces and train my 6 almost 7 year old to co-create with me! 

Back to fear- well I think part of my fear comes from my “diagnosis” and partly just being human… But I think to myself, there has to be a way to reduce that feeling somehow… I have read that relaxation techniques work. For me if I’m not actively engaged in something I am probably feeling anxious or afraid because for me it is my default setting. 

I want/need to change that. 

Fear is just a feeling, and no feeling is final… My brain seems to think that if the thought is there oh *truth* tell the heart and then my heart sinks into my stomach and the anxiety begins. 

How does one convince themselves that all is right in the world and fear should not dictate life?! Happiness and appreciation should! 


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