here & now!

Today I feel confused, and unsure.Why are the feelings I am feeling not what I thought? I don’t know if I was expecting more or that it’s just gone. I am sitting here waiting to feel something more. I feel like my emotions are wrong! Maybe it’s lack of connection… The absence of depth..? Distance? Time? Or just me… I keep replaying that 30mins in my head over and over! It wasn’t bad but there was possibly lack. There’s not much else that comes to mind. Maybe time will bring more, maybe I’m overthinking, I have been guilty of that in many situations. 

Today I am making an intention to be me and only think about today and the moment I am in. I will meditate and pray and ask for the universe to lead me where I need to go. Next week I take a BIG step that could change my life substantially so for today I choose focus. I will focus on the here and now! 


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