The thoughts and feelings I am having now are no doubt a result of trauma. Trauma that doesn’t even seem like it’s my own. A situation that unfolded and there was nothing I could do. How does one figure out that fear does not need to be present at every moment? Normal everyday things should not bring a “OMG what’s going to happen” thought. 
I am trying to re-train my brain to do the positive what-if’s.. 

What if things do work out? 

What if I do get that new job? 

What if I can accomplish that goal? 

I always thought of what-if’s as negatives.. But I saw a YouTube video the other day and the speaker turned it around… I thought heck why not? 

So today that is my task.. If I start to get scared or anxious, I will turn it around. Wish me luck, and I encourage you to try this if you also struggle with the “what-if’s?” 


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