I have heard people say things like “that’s life” or “it is what it is” when they are going through a tough time. And I used to believe that too, but then I realized, NO you can change it either change the physical, if you actually can’t, then change thoughts surrounding it. My last post can definitely help with that. the last year of my life I have learned A LOT. I have learned that I am capable of feeling good even with out an expected outcome, even when things seemed hopeless. Yes I had days here and there but overall this last year wasn’t so bad.First 4-5 months were the roughest, then there were a few weeks here and there, and now I am down to days here and there.

I wish I could tell you all what has happened to my family in the last year but I am just not ready for that yet. Let me tell you, it was HANDS DOWN the worst thing to ever happen to my family. I have had a lot of death and loss and struggles with mental illness and a whole lot of shit, but that one thing has now changed my future. Hard decisions have to be made. The choice is not pleasant, I cry, I ask why, I get angry, but I know that the alternative will cause the same and it will happen over and over. So if I do it now and just live, eventually the harshness will fade (I have hope anyway). I have said “that’s life” many times and I thought in that moment there was nothing better because I didn’t know better. I let myself “suffer” because I thought I was supposed too, I thought I need to get through this so I can have that… Boy was I wrong! I may have suffered through that to ultimately teach me this though…

I can have better, I can feel better, and I deserve better.

When you say things like “it is what it is” you are accepting less than what you deserve maybe because you don’t think you deserve better or you just haven’t accepted it yet. But whatever the reason, try to figure it out and do better for yourself you deserve it.





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