Overcoming Negative Thoughts


“When you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your life.”

Have you ever had a day (of two) where everything seems to go wrong?
There was one event and then another and another. I have been there, and in times like that it is likely that your mood and thoughts keep snowballing into what seems like the worst day ever! I have a plan for myself when things start happening.


I know this can be easier said than done because of the state of mind you are in when these things happen BUT it can be done and sometimes “fake it til you make it” really does work.
I sometimes carry an index card in my pocket that has a simple list of the most basic things I can be grateful for. For example: I am alive today, I can walk, talk, and I have eaten.Once I am in that mode of gratitude I sometimes get out a piece of paper (or my gratitude journal) and start listing more and more things I can be grateful for in that moment. This exercise usually helps me feel better.

Another good tip is to start evaluating things with only positive aspects. Do not say “I like the way this smells, but it tastes awful. “ Just leave it at “I like the way this smells.”

I utilize my gratitude journal daily and i have recently started a book of positive aspects as well. I pick a few topics such as work, myself, or another person, or even money. I write the topic on the top of the page and then I list all the positive traits i can think of that are associated with it. when doing it on myself it definitely helps with self esteem if i need a pep talk but no one around to give me one. 🙂 I have used this after having fights with friends or on a particularly hard day at work and i was not liking my job too much. Doing this activities have helped me feel better overall and that is the best way to be. I always try my hardest to feel better in each moment. You don’t have to feel “the best” all the time just always be reaching for the better feeling thought. THAT is my job, to find the better feeling thought. I don’t care how its done but that’s the goal. Whatever thoughts get you to the happy place that’s where you go.



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