An apology 

Man did yesterday suck! Bad behavior, maybe poor choices… I think I was pretty hard on myself in my last post.. Duh! In the middle of the insanity that spewed out of my head yesterday my phone was ringing and I look…oh just a reminder call from my therapists office…I thought a lovely reminder of how psychotic I am. Then things got worse.  Even with medication this thing I have, this label, I’m pretty sure it was one over another, but it reared its ugly head! But 90% of the time I am a sane somewhat normal woman that can handle her life. And so today when I wake up again in a few hours I hope yesterday will be a distant memory for all involved and that things will be forgiven.  Not saying my behavior was acceptable by any means I was wrong and I let my anger, depression and mood control my actions, and should I know better than that. 


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