Just the thoughts today…

The last couple days I have been doing excellent. Small manifestations happened, one with the help of a friend. It was awesome. I thought yesterday would be a particularly hard day, but I did fairly well for myself and I will do my best today as well. 

Today is proving to be a little harder already but I am getting by. Been at my current job for 3yrs as of today and  that is also the longest job I have ever held! 

Passed that milestone a year and a half ago. But lately I have struggled with whether it is still the right place for me. I do love what I do. The flexibility is amazing and the pay gets me by but some/most of the day lately I am anxious and unhappy in general. 

People mostly. 

I just keep reminding myself about unconditional love. I can love my job or anything else NO  MATTER what is going on and happening in life.

Today I have a day off and I am trying to meditate and be at peace about the situation. There are other things on my mind however and lack of sleep last night isn’t helping. 

All in all I am grateful for the things I have. I look forward to the journey that’s coming where ever it may bring me. 


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