Manifestation-matter that is vibration perceived

today I am working hard, but not in a traditional sense, I am working on staying in the present and deliberately keeping thoughts positive. I realized i need to practice this right now. I need to master this skill because most of the time I do well, I bring great things to my life then I get caught up and forget to focus and then the negative thoughts and feelings take over.

My goals are to feel how I want to feel when I have what I “want”.

feeling then seeing!

We come into the world and see everything around us and we grow up believing that we need to take and pick from what is shown to us. BUT that is not the case.

Don’t just move stuff around, create NEW stuff!

My mind is in the right place at this moment in time and I am sending out the rocket to bring great things to me. I am challenging myself to do this for 30 days! I am NOT going to make any major life decisions for the next 30 days i am just going to wake up everyday and deliberately create the life I want.

Feeling and thoughts are the keys to creation. Recently I had an experience of greatness and then I got caught up in the feelings and forgot to pay attention to my thoughts and then they got out of hand the negative river started to flow… Fear crept in and I was not doing the work to stay in the moment and then the dam broke and fear took over. Want to know what I created out of that…? Yes, loss!

I have seen the law of attraction work over and over. I am going to make it work for me, I will bring the great things I deserve. I am staying aligned.

Today I will find the feeling place first. the feeling is a shortcut to the creation. There is momentum in thought. You cannot think thoughts that are outside of what you are aligned with. So I am making a conscious and unconscious (meditating before bed) effort to keep myself there in alignment with the universe. I have and will attract the thoughts and feelings that I put forth effort and emotion into. Each thought builds upon itself and gains the speed it needs to push me into the place I want to be. I need to remember this because the negative thoughts work the same way. Being positive is the key.

Wish me luck, and I invite you to join me!







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