The Weight

Over the past 3 days I have made some serious choices in my life. Ones that were hard, and at first I regretted but as the time passed I felt the weight lift. The past decade or so I have been living with a burden and I feel like I have had a spiritual awakening of sorts to realize that my life doesn’t have to be like that. 

At this point I am still unsure of the direction my life is going but I do know that I am feeling better about my future. I have cried and grieved and now I move on. I know I am a strong intelligent woman and I am capable of a lot. My goal right now is to manifest my ideal life. Before I had this blockage because I was afraid of change. But now I know no matter what comes into my life I know if I am being positive and grateful It is exactly what I wanted. 

I kind of slacked off in the manifestation exercises for awhile but yesterday I got back on board and it felt good. I am just about to do more meditation then I will face my day with confidence. I usually just go on YouTube and search “manifestation”  many many videos pop up you just have to find the ones you like, I usually spend 10 mins in my process (some videos are hours) then I sometimes do a gratitude list in my head while I get ready for the day. Other times my gratitude list just comes out while I am doing everyday tasks like driving and such. 

My focus right now is financial abundance because I have big plans that require money. I manifested $1000 in just 10 days back in September so I know it can be done. Now that the weight is off my shoulders I will bring even more Abundance to my life. 



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