I know it has been awhile since the last time I posted, but there has been so much happening in my life, I find it hard to keep up sometimes.

The past 7 months I have had ups and downs, illness and wellness, and most of all enlightenment. Sometimes we go through life after heartbreak and eventually forget about all those things that you felt, the good and the bad. I have had heartbreak, plenty of heartbreak. There are a few people I never think about and would never even consider looking back on. And then there are those that I will never forget. Some people think that due to my current situation I am vulnerable and all that kinda stuff. HECK, I AM VULNERABLE ALL THE TIME! I think that it was just time, I am a huge huge advocate for the law of attraction, as you may have see in at least one of my previous posts. I practice manifestation. I know whatever is coming into my life, I have brought to me, no doubts. I am ready for it all. If its negative then I know I need to tweak my thinking so that I can continue to truly live the way I want.

Recently I have gone back to some “old habits” lets say. Now this was initially something I didn’t not intend to pursue, but things happen and I have continued to let my obsessions get the best of me. That had not happened to me in quite some time. I was safe and secure, lonely but okay for the most part… ENTER CRAZINESS!

I am usually a responsible person, but I guess my mind got the best of me and I got hung up on those “old habits”.  The saying “old habits die hard” is coming to mind right now. I have found myself wanting more and more and I am afraid of self-sabotage. I am afraid that I will no longer have that wondrous “can things get better than this?” feeling for much longer. I try to bring my focus to everyday things because that is the best way to manifest your desires. Anxiety and fear are getting my attention right now, and that is drawing more anxiety and more fear. I empty my thoughts onto paper in hopes of it sounding somewhat sane, but it never does. And in the end I am still working on the hang-ups and staying in the moment.


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