The power of Positivity!

Three months ago I started a new journey. One I hope to be a short journey.
The first month I had many many horrible symptoms and felt like I was grieving the loss of everything I had felt close to.
After moving and making adjustments in my life, I am able to say that today, it definitely doesn’t seem like as much as a tragedy as it did 3 months ago.
I have re-read a few books.
“The secret”, “the magic” & “the power” these 3 books have been my saving grace in this time.
I now wake up every morning and give thanks for the blessings I do have! I pray for peace and guidance for all, not just myself. I try to keep my thoughts as positive as possible to stay on the high frequencies of the universe.
Positivity is a very powerful energy that can bring about miracles! My life is still not back to the way it was, but great things have happened and continue to happen. I am thankful and will spread my positivity to anyone who will listen.
I highly recommend the books mentioned above (written by Rhonda Byrne). I have added them to my wellness toolbox. The books have many inspiring quotes and passages that you can also access online.



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