Getting on Track!

I apologize for not posting. I had a lot going on at work and home. I will explain more about WRAP and why I love it. WRAP- Wellness Recovery Action Plan and the Mental Health Study was founded/created by Mary Ellen Copeland of the Copeland Center. You can find out a lot more at The mental health study contains:  5 key concepts of recovery Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self-Advocacy, Support Wellness Toolbox: Wellness tools should be simple, safe, free and non-invasive.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  1. What I am like When I am well
  2. Things I need to do everyday to stay well
  3. Things i need to do occasionally to stay well
  • Triggers and Action Plans
  • Early Warning Signs and Action Plans
  • When Things are Breaking Down and Action Plans
  • Crisis Plan- which has 9 parts I will get into more later
  • Post Crisis Plan

Using my WRAP has helped me get through tough times, and I even have a financial wellness WRAP.

And of course I change my WRAP often. I think as my WRAP as

a Plan of Action for Recovering my Wellness.

Each time I facilitate a WRAP group I am going to post here about the topics we covered. Don’t forget The Copeland Center has more information.



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