Journaling for Wellness

Journaling as a wellness tool:

For me writing, and journaling are stress relievers. They help me get all my worries out. I can then reread it, sometimes out loud to help myself analyze whether it makes sense.
Usually I just write down whatever pops in my head, no grammar, spelling, or punctuation, just write.

When I first started writing I would just use a spiral notebook or whatever was handy. I now have countless journals with drawings and doodles all over them. Some have things about my life that I will probably never want to read again and others are fun and exciting. I use a few sentences from my journals in my scrapbooks sometimes.

If you are new to journaling then you might want to set some goals.
-Track moods and symptoms
-Just for fun
-Write a personal story
-Deeper understanding of self
-To discover good things in your life

Another tip for beginners is to set a timer. Maybe you want to only write for 5 minutes each day. Or 15 minutes every other day.
Sometimes I just make lists in my journal.
-Things I have done today
-What made me happy today
-My favorite people

There are many places online to find journaling prompts.
Here are just a few things I have done in my journal.
-Write a letter to someone that has been a great influence in your life (give it to them if you wish)
-Describe yourself from someone else’s point of view
-Dialogue with part of your body
-Write a letter to the emotion you are feeling right now
-Earliest positive childhood memory



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