Self-Esteem Matters!

It has been my experience that on the days I am feeling confident and healthy I can better assert myself. I am much more efficient in my work when my self-esteem is on the positive end of the spectrum. Recently I was having a a difficult time with certain aspects of my appearance, luckily my husband was there to support me and help me realize that I was making a big deal out of something that wasn’t.

Boosting self-esteem for me was step number one in wellness. I have a journal, and in that journal I write compliments I get about myself, and or just positive affirmations. Affirmations are little ways of making you feel good. They can be said out loud to your self, whispered or even just thought.

I will enjoy my day.

I am prepared for anything today.

I am a great cook/baker.

I am a good friend.

People enjoy my company.

Those are just some examples. I invite you all to try this today and see how it goes. Just pick one thing about yourself or your life and start there. I found this article that talks a little more about affirmations and making them and using them.

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