Why Wellness?!

    Wellness to me is an all around full body experience. I may be well in some areas of my life but not fully well because I am struggling with others. Right now my mental health is stable, yes I admitted I have a mental illness. Although my emotional wellness is good for the most part right now, my physical and financial wellness could use some work.

    I am here on this new blog of mine to show the world that I may struggle, but there is hope and we can be well. Not everyone has a mental health diagnosis, however I do believe everyone can improve their wellness in some way, whether it be financial wellness, physical, such as getting diabetes under control, or a mental health issue. there are lots and lots of reasons to have a plan for reaching a wellness goal and maintaining that goal.

In the posts here on my blog I will be using the knowledge I have acquired in my journey as well as research i will do specifically for this blog.

So here is a little more about myself. I am a 29-year-old wife, and mother. I am living with a mental health diagnosis. I am a Certified Peer Specialist, I work as a Drop-in center Coordinator. I am a Certified WRAP facilitator as well (more about that later). I live in eastern PA, originally from NJ and came here with practically nothing. I hope you will come back and hear more about my journey to a wellness filled life.

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